Expert Nutritionist Reveals…
The Amazing Fat Loss Secrets Over 33,387 Men
and Women Have Used to Lose Lbs. of Fat and
Gain Toned, Attractive, and Lean Figures… Even
Though They’d Failed Dozens of Times Before!
Dear Friend,
Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to make dramatic changes in your body--to lose pounds of
unwanted body fat while, at the same time, improving your appearance and getting the body you
If so, I’m telling you now, loud and clear, the answer is… Yes! It IS possible to remove virtually all
of your unwanted body fat!
It's also possible to supercharge your energy levels to an all-time high! And it's possible to
completely transform your body, no matter what shape you’re in now!
Yes… you really can do all of this! Even if you’ve failed many times in the past.
How? Let me explain. As an expert personal trainer and certified nutritionist, I’ve spent all of my
adult life helping men and women make incredible changes in their lives and bodies.
I’ve also been a personal nutritionist to some of America’s top athletes, various Olympic Athletes,
high profile models, “A list” actors and many more.
But, I’m proudest of the thousands of men and women, who are making extraordinary changes in
their lives and bodies, right now, by following my tried and true, and easy-to-follow, fat loss strategies.
Now, with all of my hands-on experience, I must admit everything hasn’t been easy. No, I’ve
discovered many men and women are extremely confused, frustrated, and down-right misinformed
when it comes to losing weight, once and for alland who could blame them.
After all…
Trying to Lose Weight Can Be an Uphill Battle!
First there’s the money-hungry advertisers who constantly “bomb” you with all sorts of “break-
through” weight-loss gimmicks. They know you’re desperate to lose weight quick so they promise
you ultra fast results in just a day or two.
Want examples? How about this slogan: “Give us a week and We’ll Take Off the weight!”
Do people really believe they can lose all of their unwanted body fat by drinking a few “wonder
shakes” every day?
Well, unfortunately at the height of this ads popularity... they were making millions and millions in
sales of their weight loss “programs” so unfortunately, people do believe that there's a magic pill.
Or, how about these claims:
“Lose 30 lbs. in 30 days Without Diet or Exercise!”
“Take One Pill a Day and Watch the Fat Melt Away!
“Just 15 Minutes Weekly for Total Fat Loss!”
Lose 20 lbs. in 10 Days by Eating Nothing but Grapefruit!
The sad thing is, many unknowing victims fall hook-line-and sinker for these outrageous claims every
second of every day.
Why? Well, one of these “magic” weight-loss pills, plans, or gadgets has to work sometime right?!
Wrong. Remember, virtually all advertisers don’t have a clue about the right way to lose weight.
Period. They’re only worried about the profit line not you’re waist line. And they’ll say anything to
make a quick buck. Yours!
Men and Women are Being Suckered by Savvy Weight-Loss
Advertising Agents with Big, Fat Wallets!
You've probably been trying to lose weight for a while now. Whether you want to lose it from your
belly, buns, or thighs... it's pretty depressing when you don't feel good about your body.
Maybe all the time you’ve spent worrying about your body has been causing you to feel a little bit
depressed? Maybe you have some unwanted belly fat and it's causing you to feel self-conscious?
Or maybe you have an extra 15, 20, or even 30 pounds of ugly fat you want to get rid of... and you're
sick and tired of what you see in the mirror.
But it's not like you haven't tried to lose weight. If you're like most of my clients... you probably tried a
bunch of exercise gadgets, box meals, diet plans, workout videos, pills and fat burners.
Sure, those things may work for a little while... but soon you either get bored with them or you hit a
plateau. So it's a continuous, never-ending cycle of losing weight... then regaining it back.
And all you ever seem to lose in the long run is just the money you spend. And because nothing
seems to work... you become angry, irritable, and depressed.
Well... guess what? If ANY of those things ACTUALLY worked for the long term... you'd already have
the lean, slender body you want. But since they don't... you keep trying anything you can.
And all the while... the fitness and diet supplement companies continue to lie to you... trying to get
you to believe that a "magic pill" exists.
Look, let me give it to you straight...
All these huge supplement companies and fitness magazines have products to sell. And if they told
you the REAL truth and actually helped you lose fat... they'd lose you as a customer.
And they'd also lose money and profits. You see, every single day you're getting misleading
information about diets, pills, powders, crazy workouts... the list goes on and on.
Money-hungry marketers are feeding off your desire to lose weight. The weight loss supplement
industry is a multi-BILLION dollar industry and it's not slowing down. The only problem is, people are
getting fatter... and so are the supplement companies’ wallets.
That's why these BIG fitness companies, supplement companies, or infomercials looking to sell you a
pill, supplement, or exercise gadget will NEVER tell you the truth.
If you learn the truth and lose the weight... they lose you as a customer AND the money you bring.
They want you to stay fat... so you keep buying their products, over and over again.
Not only that…
But they can be dangerous to your health as well!
It’s true! These diet pills and fat burners contain harmful artificial stimulants that can make you feel
jittery, nervous, and on edge.
They do nothing but stimulate your adrenal glands and wear you out... and they will NOT help you
burn body fat. Like I said, they COULD kill you with long term use!
All this bad information and poor advice is the real reason why you're overweight, out of shape, and
don't have the body you truly want.
So please, don't keep beating yourself up. You've never been able to learn the truth about losing fat...
That is, until now...
As a personal trainer and nutritional counselor... I’ve been fighting, tooth and nail, for years, to bring
the truth to light.
But believe me, fast talking “snake oil” peddling salesmen aren’t the worst of itnot by a long shot!
The most down right dirty tactics are being used on the very labels of the food products you buy at
your local grocery store!
I’m serious! The very foods in your home, which you and your family eat on a daily basis, may be
loaded with hidden fats, preservatives, and sugars that are adding inches to your waist line!
Did you know:
Foods labeled “fat free” can be 100% fat!
Foods labeled “Lite” “Reduced Fat” and “Lean” can be loaded with greasy globs of blubber!
Many “low-fat” products have more calories than the regular version?
Products labeled “sugar free” can contain more sugar than a bag of Halloween candy!
“But, I don’t understand. How do companies get away with this? Isn’t are
government’s label laws supposed to protect us? What’s going on here?”
Good questions. Simply put, we have food lobbyists in Washington to thank for this confusion.
You see, companies know health minded individuals (like you and me) try to avoid foods filled with
excess fat and sugar. So, to get around this, they send their high powered “hit men” to “pressure”
our government into bending the laws on how our foods are labeled.
Our Own Government Refuses to Protect us Against Slap-in-
the-Face Label Claims!
It's sad, really. But yet I’ve seen this happen hundreds upon hundreds of times. Where the people
we thought were there to protect us, turn the other cheek because of money.
So guess what happens? Desperate men and women continue to buy into all these fads and
gimmicks... thinking “I'll try it for a few weeks and the fat will melt away!”
And when it doesn't, they feel like THEY'RE the ones who failed. But all they're trying to do is what
they “think” has to be done... which is to lose weight... eat less food.
This is one of the most frequent and costly “dieters” mistakes made today--the starvation diet!
Here’s what happens. Let’s say, you’ve been following a very restrictive diet for the last few weeks--
you’re only eating 800 calories a day.
Things seem to be going okay. The scale shows you’ve lost 5 lbs.
But then, like a bolt of lightning, the weight-loss stops and the cravings strike. Wham! Without any
warning, you’re “mental hunger” creates uncontrollable urges which literally cause you to go
overboard and eat WAY more than you would have in the first place.
Soon You Find Yourself Speeding Away in Your Car, on an
Uncontrollable Junk Food Run!
But it doesn’t stop there. After hitting the drive though, you reason, “Since I’ve already blown my
diet why stop now?”
Next, you find yourself eating excessive amounts of greasy Mexican food, double cheese pizza, rich
chocolate pie with ice cream, and a whirlwind of other foods you vowed to avoid.
Later, you realize you’ve gained back all of the weight you’d lost… plus another 6 lbs!
You become riddled with guilt, and begin to blame yourself. You wonder, “How did I lose control?
What happened to my willpower?”
Guess what happens next? That’s right, the same starvation diet starts all over as you yo-yo
yourself to a state of misery!
This cycle of going on a restrictive diet.. then gorging yourself with an excess of calories... and doing
it over and over again, it's a vicious cycle.
This is why it’s vital to know…
You’re Current Weight Loss Efforts May
Unknowingly Be Causing You To Gain Unwanted Fat!
It’s a shame most people don’t realize life long weight loss is really about eating RIGHT and not just
about eating small amounts of tasteless food.
That’s why 9 out 10 dieters fail. They don’t fully understand how to work with their body instead of
against it.
You see, when you deprive your body of food... your body immediately begins to fight back by telling
your “food burning furnace” to slow down and stop burning calories so fat. At the same time, your
mind gives your body the “signal” to start storing fat, because it senses a lack of calories coming in.
Since your body senses this drastic reduction of calories and thinks that starvation may be coming
soon.. it protects itself by slowing down your metabolism in case of future energy needs.
Wanting to lose weight by starving your body may make sense to you on the outside... but what
you're doing on the inside is what's causing problems and actually forcing your body to hold onto
stored fat.
By restricting your calories... your metabolism is bound and determined to hold on to every ounce of
fat it can because it feels it may need it for future energy needs if you keep reducing calories.
And once again, you can deal with a reduction in calories in the short term, but soon, you’re trying to
fight off these cravings. But your metabolism kicks into full “fat storing” gear! Well, after a while, your
“willpower” vanishes and the unstoppable cravings get the best of you. That's when you find
Devouring a Dozen Donuts When if you had done it right...
you could have had one and been fine!
Take the story of Lisa Tyler, a 38-year-old dental hygienist from Houston, Texas as proof of the great
difficulties many women often experience when trying to lose weight:
“I was miserable in my body. Every day I’d look in the mirror and become a little more depressed as
an overweight, unhappy, and unattractive reflection stared back at me.
I’d tried everything to lose weight—quick fix diet pills, “miracle” weight loss programs, expensive
exercise equipment, you name it, I fell for it. But none of these products ever lived up to their
overblown hype.
Soon, I started thinking “it must be me.” I gave up hope and felt like such a failure. My relationship
with my husband and family was suffering as was my career. So, in order to deal with the pain I
chose to ignore my weight gain… hoping the problem would just go away. But it didnt.
As my weight increased, I became so embarrassed with myself that I would then buy another product
hoping it would be “the one.” I was trapped in a vicious cycle of desperation, failure, and then
depression. I was alone and there was no one to turn to for help.”
Unfortunately, Lisa’s story isn’t the least bit uncommon—it’s one I hear on a daily basis.
The truth is, Lisa wasn’t lazy. And she didn’t lack willpower. She was just grossly misinformed. That’s
why I strongly believe…
If You’ve Tried to Lose Weight in the Past
But Were Unsuccessful… You Didn’t Fail… Rather,
the Information You Were Given Failed You!
By now you may be thinking it would be down-right impossible for you to lose weight and keep it off.
After all, advertisers, food manufacturers, your friends and family, and even your own seemingly
uncontrollable urges are controlling your future and forcing you to stay unsatisfied.
Not to mention countless other reasons. Like limited time to “get things together.” Endless food ads
on TV. Fast Food joints on every corner.
And “most avoid” foods at work and family functions, just to name a few. It’s no wonder so many
people throw in the towel and say, “I’ll lose weight later. I’m just to busy now” Or, even worse, they
choose to ignore the problem totally.
But don’t you give up hope just yet! There is a way to lose lbs. of unwanted fat starting now! But this
isn’t late breaking news to the 33,387 men and women mentioned at the beginning of this letter!
No, these men and women are already benefiting from the real secret to losing weight and keeping it
off. What they’ve uncovered is…
The Last Way, For Those Who Have Tried
Everything, to Lose Weight, Gain Control, and Get a
Healthy, Attractive and Lean Figure… For Life!
Want more details? Well, let me start by telling you what this isn’t. It isn’t a “revolutionary” diet pill
you choke down by the handful. No… not even close.
And it certainly isn’t a gimmicky diet program where you eat tons of grapefruit or some other crazy
eating ritual. Not a chance.
And it definitely isn’t a strange piece of exercise equipment you probably already have gathering dust
in your basement!)
No. It’s none of these things. But here’s what it is…
A Valuable, Guaranteed Effective, Easy-To-Use Weight-Loss
Success System… The Last One You'll Ever Need!
You see, after years of uncovering lies, educating consumers, and spending thousands of dollars of
my own money to discover the truth, I’ve finally put all of my guarded weight loss secrets into a user
friendly weight loss strategic plan.
It’s called the Lean For Life Fat Loss System! And I created it to be part of the solution instead of
part the problem. Someone had to step forward to put an end to all of this confusion before it got
completely out of hand!
This system really is an impressive compilation of years of fat-loss secrets discovered through hours
of real-life, one-on-one results achieving sessions with men and women I've worked with.
Until now, this hard-to-find fat loss system wasn’t available anywhere. But in just a minute, I’m going
to tell you how to get the entire Lean For Life Fat Loss System (and up to four FREE gifts valued at
$97) just for saying “maybe” to my no obligation offer.
But first, here’s more about this incredible system!
The Lean For Life Fat Loss System Includes:
How a food label can claim a product is “fat free” but really be 100% fat!
How to control a hormone that can turn you into a fat storing machine!
How to avoid the dreaded yo-yo dieting syndrome that can add 20 or more pounds of fat to
you body every year!
Willpower: Why it has little to do with your weight loss success.
How to Boost Your Appeal and Self Esteem!
Ways to Super Charge Your Energy Levels: It’s Easier Than You Think!
The psychology of deprivation and how understanding it can virtually guarantee weight loss!
How some people can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound!
How to fuel your body so you look and feel better than ever!
Why you should never omit pizza, steak, cheese cake or any of your favorite foods while
losing weight.
A type of food which can jump start your metabolic rate by a staggering 20%!
Tell-all” example of deceiving “low fat” labels. Are you eating these products?
Learn the skills you need to quickly avoid stress, fatigue, and frustration
But That’s Just The Start!
Look what other secrets The Lean For Life Fat Loss System instantly reveals:
Four over-looked mistakes which could cause you to gain 10 lbs. of fat in just 3 weeks.
Twenty-four foods to get lean and healthy now.
How to work out to dramatically improve your weigh loss results!
Decrease this food to slash you and your family’s chances of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity
Why eating low-carb is one of the WORST ways to lose fat. Eat low carb and you lose muscle.
Why 95% of all diets fail...and the exact steps you need to be successful!
Why eating certain "good" fats can dramatically speed up your fat loss.
How to eat 50% more calories without storing an ounce as fat!
The one food combination you should NEVER eat or you're guaranteed to pack on fat
How to boost your energy levels higher than ever before!
Why this "almost magical" combination of food will boost your metabolism for maximum fat loss
What food combination, taken in precise ratios, can literally triple your rate of fat loss
A cutting edge “two phase diet” that burns fat and maintains muscle.
The best foods to eat all day to build lean muscle AND burn fat!
Find out the specific types of food that fight belly fat. Some of these fat fighting foods will shock
you because you’d NEVER guess them.
Discover why eating often can help you shed more belly fat.
How to eat more often, and still lose pounds of ugly body fat!
Ways to Elevate your energy levels
The dangers of following a low-calorie diet
A customized grocery list that will end your confusion when you shop
Why “cheating” on your diet can actually be a good thing!
How low fat foods are making us fatter!
Discover the four reasons for “abdominal fat” and how to reduce it.
How under-eating and over-exercising can cause your metabolism to plummet
How to super-charge your metabolism all day long
The right way to combine foods to stop fat gain and lose inches
How to avoid hunger, the one thing that will ruin your success faster than anything
Why you can’t trust media blurbs about “breakthrough” nutritional news
Discover the secrets to making better bad choices
Discover how to escape your “old” body and upgrade to something sleek, fast, and fun!
Why only counting fat grams is a huge mistake.
The fastest way to lose body fat and keep it off, even if you have failed before.
Warning: Overdosing on these 2 fat loss supplements could be deadly.
The food additives that are added to fat-free foods. What you don’t know can hurt you!
Why you should never, ever weigh yourself.
A step-by-step plan for creating a great tasting eating program to lose body fat and keep it off!
How to immediately satisfy the severe cravings that drives you to binge.
Why you should avoid bland and boring foods like the plague.
How to tell good carbohydrates from bad
Why fad diets never, ever work in the long run.
How some fat free junk foods are more fattening than the original version